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Journey with Quilts + Felt Needle Case Workshop at Alwan Salma

A Journey of Quilts talk by Lina Saadi at Alwan Salma

Join us for an exciting talk on the history of patchwork and quilting as we travel through time to learn about the origin and evolution of this thrilling craft!

Explore the different paths quilts have travelled and get the motivation you need to venture into working with this fiber art form.

The talk will be given by patchwork expert Lina Saadi on January 8 and will be followed by a workshop on making your own felt needle case.

Entry to the talk and workshop is FREE but spaces are LIMITED so RSVPing to the event is required - contact us today to book your spot!

A few words from Lina:
“I was introduced to quilting 28 years ago and since then have enjoyed sewing fabric and thread into hugs to embrace those I love.
“One can say a lot with fabric and thread. I believe all the effort, thought, time and love that goes into the production process is conveyed to the recipient of the quilt.
“I have learned patchwork techniques and types of quilting from friends, as well as from world known quilters, and both introduced me to the wonderful art of creating, expressing , and most importantly of giving. I look forward to sharing my story of quilts with you.“

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