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Kardeşim Beyrut - Art Exhibition

Art on 56th is pleased to announce Kardesim Beirut, a collective exhibition of works by three Turkish artists. The gallery will present paintings by Yigit Yazici, Pinar du Pre and Baris Saribas. Weaving mass culture and popular imagery with a Middle Eastern vernacular, the artists play with the ideas of perception through canvases that capture endless fragments of experience, layers of ideas and networks of expression.

The works of Yigit Yazici, Pinar du Pre and Baris Saribas revisit Pop Art and are representative of the booming creative talent in Turkey. Living in a world that has fully developed web-communication, the artists are fully aware of the virtual connection between humans. Though people are brought closer through the web, they also experience alienation, isolation and estrangement. In the Middle East, however, culture has persevered and continues to bind people together. There lives a silent, invisible web that links each individual to the other through values, ideas and spirit, especially in Beirut and in Istanbul. The modern canvases by these three artists reflect contemporary life and reveal the connective aura of these two Middle Eastern cultures.

Born in Bursa, Turkey, Yigit Yazici’s primary aim is to provide the viewer with novel perspectives, transforming ordinary, everyday objects into customized works of art. He believes that art belongs to the people and is a stimulant of critical thinking. Claiming that art is important to the development of society, Yazici’s innovative concepts and unconventional materials entice his viewers to interact with the works. He extends himself through his creations and seeks inspiration from his commitment to the audience.

Pinar Du Pre is an Austrian and Turkish autodidact painter born in 1972. Her technique involves a fusion of materials, outlooks and diverse inspirations. Her works combines virtual perception, represented by new media and digital arts, together with the tangible reality of our daily lives, represented by ‘old media.’ Her pursuit of the truth, obsession with objective, scientific reality and curiosity for the diversity of perspective, comes to life in fragmented, layered canvases that echo the distortion of contemporary experience. Calling upon the discoveries of science, the artist conceives visual metaphors that reflect the multiplicity of reality in constant flux. Her work explores the territory between the exterior, visible, physical world and the interior, invisible, cognitive world - the human soul.

Turkish artist Baris Saribas, born in 1979, produces artworks that depict inner turmoil. His works on paper embody both spontaneity and a sharp eye for composition, combining the aesthetics of Pop Art with the gestural, impulsive techniques of Expressionism. His works are elegant in their linearity and emotive in their subject matters. Saribas captures fleeting moments, including introspection, isolation and solitude. He evokes a sense of infinity by using a seemingly ethereal palette and brushing his medium in expressive, translucent layers across his support. The agitated application of watercolour, combined with the portrayal of estrangement, results in drawings that capture the essence of the quest for the universal human experience.

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