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Key Performance Indicators - KPIs

• This course will help organizations and teams understand the link between quality improvement, and performance indicators. In addition, it gives practical, “how to” information on developing, implementing, and evaluating performance indicators as part of quality improvement efforts.
• Because all members of an organization are responsible for participating in the development and implementation of performance indicators, this course is designed so it can be readily understood and used by front-line care and service providers, managers and board members in all types of organizations.
• The course is meant to be used by teams as they begin to develop indicators. It focuses on bringing a coordinated and integrated approach to developing indicators. It helps teams answer the question; what do we need to measure to know how well we are doing? The course promotes the use of performance indicators as a means for a team to evaluate all of its processes and activities. It recognizes, however, that indicators can be used in many contexts and for different purposes.
• Establish a method to develop key performance indicators
• Distinguishing between indicators for governance, management, and program
• Establish common definition for indicator
• Determining the most important aspects of care to measure

• Senior executive level managers, middle managers and supervisors

• None

• Definition of the key performance indicators
• Type of performance indicator
• Methods of establish performance indicator
• Challenges to indicator development
• Methods of measuring indicator performance
• Step by step approach to developing, implementing, and evaluating performance indicators.
• Rationale and context for developing indicators, and important considerations for implementing a performance measurement system.
• How to develop and assess indicators
• Case studies, each relating to different sectors
• Mechanisms for interpreting indicator data
• How performance indicators can be used with other initiatives such as benchmarking
• 1 day (09:00 am to 05:00 pm)

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