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Kids Bootcamp

Body conditioning and martial arts for kids ages 7-14 every Thursday and Saturday from 6pm to 7pm in Fitness Corner Sport Club (Koraytem, Beirut). Price: $50 per month.

Our classes promote:
- physical fitness and health,
- emphasis on natural movement,
- self-confidence and self-esteem,
- problem solving skills for dealing with conflict,
- self-discipline

Coach Alaa combined skills he learned from several different martial arts, including MMA and Systema, in his own class that encourages spontaneous reactions and natural movement. The result is an exciting class that kids love (no boring repetitions!). The class is extremely entertaining and effective at the same time and will continue until the end of the school year.

You can watch a sample class video here:

Call or send WhatsApp messages to 76-970151 (coach Alaa) or you can call directly to the club 01-811886.

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