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KiGong: Mindful Movement

Lead by a Korean & American Certified Master Brain Educator & Practitioner with 20+ years in experience.
Duration: 2 hrs
Open to: All levels of practice or training.
Suggested: Loose comfortable clothing for some training.
Take your meditation and mindful practice to the next level, and learn to move with your mind and meditation.
KiGong is a careful combination of both gentle & powerful harmony of breath, mind and body all in one movement.
Learn to focus your mind, bring it right back to your body, clear your thoughts and really understand, more importantly feel, what it actually means to be grounded.
Its fit for everyone. Enjoy this activity that is recognized internationally as a "Sport for All" underneath the "Let's be Friends" Peace Campaign.
KiGong is designed to be a walk-in based and a participative physical activity/sport.
Anyone in any age or condition can join right in (no pre-required training). Its coined as a "Sport for All"
And the benefits are felt instantly more grounded, freer of pains/stiffness in the body, lighter in the heart and more calm in the mind.
Join us for a truly liberating and moving session!
Saturday August 10th
10:00am - 12:00pm
Exchange: 50$

KiGong & Brain Education Middle East
✤The Middle East representative KiGong team originating in Qatar including members from Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, Tunisia, Spain, Canada & Korea (ranging in age between 22 & 63) was awarded the 2nd Place podium position in the International KiGong festival in Korea last year.
With dedicated full-time trainers for both females and males (privately or in group) ranging in credentials and experience between 21 & 26 years in the field of Martial Arts, Healing, Mind-Body & Movement Therapy

Background on KiGong
✤KookHak KiGong, a recognized sport under the Asian Sports Olympic Committee reputed for promoting a culture of Peace & Friendship as the ‘Sport for All’ under the “Be Friends” Campaign of The International Festival of Sports KiGong Competitions

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