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Kiss Me Not | بلاش تبوسني

The Metropolis Association, in partnership with MAD Solutions and Zawya Distribution, presents From Egypt with Love: four recent feature films from Egypt, screening every Wednesday throughout the month of May 2018, in cinema Metropolis Empire Sofil – Ashrafieh.

Wed May 2
Kiss Me Not | بلاش تبوسني
Directed by Ahmed Amer
2018 | Egypt | 85 min | in Arabic with English subtitles
With: Salwa Mohamed Ali, Sawsan Badr, Mohamed Mahran, Yasmin Raeis, Ayda Reyad

Fajr, a famous female sex symbol and the leading actress in the feature film directorial debut of a young director, refuses to shoot a kissing scene in the film, which drives the director crazy and annoys the producer. They all try to reach a middle-ground to get out of this quandary and complete the film.

فجر نجمة الإغراء الشهيرة، وبطلة الفيلم الطويل الأوّل لمخرج شاب ترفض مشهد البوسة في الفيلم وهو ما يثير جنون المخرج ويستفزّ المنتج، ليحاول الجميع إلى الوصول إلى أرضيّة مشتركة لاستكمال الفيلم والخروج من المأزق.

Watch the trailer:

Ticket price: 8,000 LBP

Wed May 9
Cactus Flower | زهرة الصبار
Directed by Hala ElKoussy

Wed May 16
Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim | علي، معزة وابراهيم
Directed by Sherif Al Bendary

Wed May 30
Experimental Summer | صيف تجريبي
Directed by Mahmoud Lotfy
In the presence of the director