This event has passed.

Due to high demands, we are repeating the "Basics of drawing" workshop!

KNOW the basics of drawing in four sessions on Wednesdays starting Wednesday the 2nd of NOVEMBER at 8:00 P.M.

Session 1 : 2 NOV 2016
- General Introduction (drawing tools)
- prirmary geometric shapes
- secondary geometric shapes

Session 2: 9 NOV 2016
- Graphical composition of the paper
- Balance of the paper
- 3D shapes
- Proportions and dimensions (Nature morte)
- Shadows and light
- texture and material

Session 3: 16 NOV 2016
- interior perspective (1 vanishing point)

Session 4: 23 NOV 2016
- exterior perspective :
- 1 vanishing point - 2 vanishing points.

To register, you can send us a message to the page or contact us at 76-140287
Registration is a MUST before October 30 (We need at least 5 participants)

The workshop will be animated by Fidel ZREIBY

Fidel holds a master degree in architecture , graduated from the Lebanese university - fine arts. He is currently an art education teacher at Lycee des Peres antonins - Hazmiye

Fees: 80$ for all sessions (materials included)

P.S: KNOW Place like home...

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