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Kung Fu Leadership Communications Workshop
‘An Action Packed Full Day Workshop for Leadership Tactical Communication’

One of the most highly respected martial arts, Kung Fu, demands great discipline and skill in order to practice the various methods and moves of an accomplished master.
In the battlefield of business, we have replaced ‘swords with words’. These are the building blocks of success. How we process our words, in our own thinking about others and ourselves directly impacts our influence over our trade and our world.

This special workshop is dedicated to explore the communication keys that leaders today will capitalize on for their future success. You will be introduced to a leadership model that has been embraced by thousands of executives and hundreds of organizations around the world. Along this one day journey, we will unveil and discover various traps that many of us fall into, and use our ‘Kung Fu’ mindset to extract and overcome adversity and transform it into winning the day.

This powerful and interactive workshop will undress the leadership styles that often block or repel others and break down the various moves used in our communication with others.

Your Facilitator – Michael J. Tolan is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. During the past 25 years, he has established more than 15 of his own business units in 10 countries. He has
taken organizations for zero to hero by driving his own brand of attitudinal philosophy to spirit his teams forward. He is a board advisor to several organizations and is the co-founder of an NGO that has empowered over 15,000 underprivileged children in 8 countries around the world. He is today the Chief inspirational Officer of World Class Group and heads the World Class Academy of Excellence at OpenThinking in Dubai. He has been a noted speaker at several entrepreneurial conferences in the GCC.

Delegate Fees: 225 USD / person
Special rates for groups.
Tel: +961 9 211 662