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L’Oud whispers reflects our daily contradiction as musicians as we try to make the sound of our music louder than the sound of war. The project features a branch of compositions written for acoustic oud and oriental percussion composed by Syrian Oud virtuoso Mohannad Nasser and accompanied by Ramy al-Jundi (riqq, daf, darbuka, cajon). The compositions have been written in Lebanon and reflect the journey of the composer between Damascus and Beirut while looking for relative safety. L’Oud whispers is an attempt to translate that unending contradiction of war and peace, love and hate, loud and whispers into original compositions. To prove again that every musician facing the war’s noise is a loud whisper.

tuesday, january 16th, 2018 - 8.30 pm
hosted by onomatopoeia the music hub

الثلاثاء ١٦ كانون الثاني ٢٠١٨ - ٨.٣٠ مساء
اونوماتوبيا - الملتقى الموسيقي

► mohannad nasser /oud
► rami al jundi /percussion

مهند ناصر /عود
رامي الجندي /ايقاع

INFO 00 961 1 398 986

المقاعد محدودة //
رسم الدخول ١.٫٠٠٠ ل.ل.


Syrian Oudist, composer and educator, Mohannad Nasser, has emerged as an innovative
and creative musician with expertise in many fields. Performing, Music Production and

His Compositions has been described by audiences as “delicate, serene and magical”

Mohannad is currently completing a Master Degree in “Contemporary Performance” Production concentration at the Berklee College of Music in Spain. He has previously based in Lebanon recording an album with OUMI ensemble which will be released in October 2017. Beside that he recorded his Solo Oud project “L’Oud whispers”.

In Syria 2015. Mohannad -as most of the Syrian Artist- was facing a hard time and daily danger because of the international conflict going on there. Despite of the war he graduated from the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus with a very good rate.
After his move to Lebanon, Mohannad was an active educator with several organizations providing music classes for the refugee’s children in several camps. This inspiring experience made him thrilled to encourage the next generation ofmusicians to find their voices.

Mohannad received several prizes at international Oud competitions as the Silvar prize at Certhage Festival in Tunisia 2010, and the third prize at “Al-Kaslik unversity” Lebanon 2009. The first prize in “Solhi al wadi institute” 2008.



Syrian artist Rami al Jundi holds an experience certificate in the eastern rhythm from Mr. Jamal Al Sakka (Rhythm teacher at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus) 2004, experience certificate in playing on joumby and Congas instruments from Mr. Simon Mraich (Rhythm teacher at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus) 2012, an experience certificate in playing on the Durbaka and Al Req from Mr. Firas Hassan (Eastern Rhythm teacher at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus) 2008, and an experience certificate in studying Arabic music theories from Mr. Adnan Abu Al Shamat (Former teacher of the oriental music theories at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus) 2006.

Rami performed in numerous albums, concerts and bands. He recorded as a rhythm musician in ABO GABi (Hijaz war) album in 2014, also performed with Jordanian percussionist Tareq Al Nasser within Ram Band in 2012, with singer Shams Ismail from 2004 till 2011, and with Umayya band in 2006. Rami Founded “Masafat” band in 2010, was founding member of “Aouj” band in 2009 and “Afaaq” band in 2003.

Rami also performed with Oud player Maher Mahmoud in several concerts inside and outside Syria (between 2007 and 2012), and with Turkish bouzouki Musician Bahri Al-Turkmani in a concert at the Azem Palace in Damascus 2005.

he worked as a rhythm teacher at the youth institute in Damascus 2010, and joined later MEZZO musical Institute in tartous as eastern rhythm teacher from 2013 till present.

concert proceeds will assist underprivileged children's music classes part of onomatopoeia’s music skills development program (MSDP)
يعود ريع هذا الحفل لدعم برنامج اونوماتوبيا لتطوير المهارات الموسيقية

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