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Law of Attraction Channeling Meditation

Have you at any point been at the right place at the right time? Have you at any point watched things become alright in a way that made no sense? Then again, have you had days that continue deteriorating?

This is the "Law of Attraction" one of the numerous laws of the universe..

Like pulls in like. An inspirational mentality pulls in constructive individuals and results, and similar remains constant for a negative demeanor.

What sort of connections do you need?

What sort of wellbeing do you need?

What sort of way of life do you need?

What sort of riches do you need?

Jump into these diverting rich contemplations sessions and train your subliminal personality to be more constructive and seed with wonderful pictures.

The more you practice The Law of Attraction the more incredible and adjusted you will move toward becoming and you will be nearer to your goal.

Join Mohammad every Thursday at 7:00 PM at the House of Wellbeing in Sodeco. Moulin D'or Building, 9th Floor.

Each class has only 8 to 10 spots, kindly confirm your attendance at the earliest. to guarantee your spot in this life transformation class.

Investment and Exchange of Energy: 20$ per session

Memberships are also available.

For bookings please visit or call +961 71 29 00 72.

Set your intention and join us.

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