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Learn To meditate II 4 classes Course

One of The highest purposes of Yoga is to overcome the obstacles of the mind.
We live in a constant struggle created by a whirlpool of thoughts that consumes our energy, creates stress and affects our body.
Meditation is a state, a flow of one thought as we succeed to suspended of the unnecessary fluctuations of the mind.

This course will give you tools and concentration practices to start taiming your mind.
-You will learn how to set a proper environment for meditation at home, including time, space etc.
-You will also learn the different stages to go through to reach to a meditative state as well a general idea about the function of the mind.
-You will practice different meditation and concentration techniques.

This course is an essential step to anyone who wishes to start their meditation journey.

It will go over 4 Mondays by Srekumar from India (Starting Monday 30 of May) at 7pm

To book your spot, whatsapp 03 752739.
Limited spots
Deadline Friday 27 May