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Lebanon Mountain Trail - Fall Trek 2019

Friday, October 11 – Sunday, October 27
Bcharre <-> Jezzine

It’s time for the Lebanon Mountain Trail Fall Trek 2019!
Embark on an exciting journey through natural and cultural heritage, great scenery, forests, plants, culinary discoveries and hospitality.
Spots are assigned on a first-come first-served basis.

For the 7th consecutive year, the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association is organizing its Annual Fall Trek under the campaign “Hike It. Protect It”.
The trek starts on Friday October 11, ending on Sunday October 27, where two teams of long-distance hikers will walk selected sections of the trail over a period of 16 days.

Team 1 - Green Lizard: Jezzine, south to Bcharre, north
Team 2 - Rock Lizard: Bcharre, north to Jezzine, south

Options for Participation
• Walk sections with any of the teams for any number of nights and days as follows:
- Weekdays: a minimum of 1 night/ 1 day
- Week-ends: a minimum of 2 nights/ 2 days
• Walk the entire trek for 16 days with any of the teams
• Stand-alone day hikes are not accepted!

Fees in USD
After careful considerations, the LMTA has decided to revise its Fall Trek (FT) hiking fees to allow for different payment options based on each individual hiker's economic means and ability to support the LMTA.

As a result, we will be adopting the following:
• Standard rate per day/night of hiking: $110 - This is the rate that actually allows us to cover all of the LMTA’s FT expenses provided we secure on average 15 hikers each day of hiking.

• Discounted rate per day/night of hiking: $95 - This rate only covers our direct expenses during the FT, but it doesn’t cover all of LMTA’s expenses for the FT. We would however like to make this rate available to those on a limited budget who can’t afford the standard rate of $110.

• Support rate per day/night of hiking: $125 - This rate lets us cover all the LMTA’s expenses of the FT hikes, even if we are not fully booked every day.
We would like to say we are extremely grateful to those of you who can afford this rate because it helps us to fulfil our mission of protecting and promoting this fantastic trail!

Fees include:
- Accommodation
- All meals (dinner, breakfast and lunch box)
- Local Guides' services
- Team Leaders
- Entries to nature reserves and protected areas
- Transportation of luggage from one accommodation to another
- Transportation from LMTA office on Fridays and to the LMTA office on Sundays

Follow the link below for more information and registration:!/event-details/230

+961 5 955 303