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The objective of the course is to provide young professionals working in the Fashion Industry with the bases of the LECTRA program.

1. Introduction to LECTRA MODARIS window & tools, in order to be able to construct and make patterns by using the program.
2. Creating the basic skirt and adding the seams. Be able to measure the lines to create the waistband, place the notches and name the patterns.
3. Be able to make the grading, and create both the measurement chart and the variant.
4. Transferring the basic skirt into a flared skirt, adding pockets and buttons, creating the facing and the straight grain. Practicing before moving to the bodice block.
5. Learn From the bodice block, to make a yoke cut, shift the dart from one place to another, make enlargements, add buttons and draw the facing. Marry the patterns for adjustments and add the seams.
6. Learn to construct the sleeve and make the grading from the ESMOD concept sizes from 36-44.
7. Learn how to puff a basic sleeve, shorten the length, and make a cuff. Creating the measurement chart and the variant. Practicing before moving to trousers block.
8. Using the city trouser block, to add the notches, create the fly and pockets, creat the waistband and marry the patterns for adjustments, adding the seams, grading from size36-44, making the measurement chart and variant. Practicing and questioning before ending the course
9. A small test will be given at the end to assess the knowledge acquired.

Dates: Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:pm to 9pm starting on February 1rst, 2016 until March 30.

Number of hours: 54 hours
Cost: 1500 USD

For more information: 03 530 543