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EcoConsulting is giving the next series of LEED Accredited Professional v4 Seminars this June (2019), at Beirut Digital District, BDD1280.
Whether you are planning to take the LEED Accredited Professional exam or wanting to improve your LEED knowledge, this course will provide you with what you need to master the LEED certification and lead successful green building projects.
You will also benefit from EcoConsulting’s long experience in LEED projects within the local context through case studies & examples from our broad range of certified projects.

Topics will cover:
- LEED process
- Integrative Strategies
- Location and Transportation LEED credits
- Sustainable Sites LEED credits
- Water Efficiency LEED credits
- Energy and Atmosphere LEED credits
- Materials and Resources LEED credits
- Indoor Environmental Quality LEED credits
- Project surroundings and public outreach
- Case Studies from certified projects in Lebanon
- LEED Accredited Professional Exam Preparation

SEMINAR 1: Introduction to LEED AP - LEED Location & Transportation (Tuesday June 11th, 2019)
- Introduction to LEED & LEED AP
- LEED for neighborhood development location
- Sensitive land protection
- High priority site
- Surrounding density and diverse uses
- Access to quality transit
- Bicycle facilities
- Reduced parking footprint
- Green vehicles

SEMINAR 2: LEED Sustainable Sites (Thursday June 13th, 2019)
- Construction activity pollution prevention
- Site assessment
- Site development: protect & restore habitat
- Open space
- Rainwater management
- Heat island reduction
- Light pollution reduction
- Places of respite
- Direct external access
- Site master plan
- Joint use of facilities
- Tenant design and construction guidelines

Seminar 3: LEED Energy & Atmosphere - LEED Water Efficiency (Saturday June 15th, 2019)
PART I - LEED Energy & Atmosphere
- Fundamental commissioning and verification
- Enhanced commissioning
- Minimum energy performance
- Optimize energy performance
- Fundamental refrigerant management
- Enhanced refrigerant management
- Building level and advanced energy metering
- Demand-response
- Renewable energy production
- Green power and carbon offsets
PART II - LEED Water Efficiency
- Outdoor water use reduction
- Indoor water use reduction
- Building level water metering
- Cooling tower water use

Seminar 4: LEED Materials & Resources (Tuesday June 18th, 2019)
- Storage & collection of recyclables
- Construction and demolition waste management planning
- Building life cycle impact reduction
- Building product disclosure and optimization – environmental product declaration
- Building product disclosure and optimization – sourcing of raw material
- Building product disclosure and optimization – material ingredients
- Construction & demolition waste management

Seminar 5: LEED Indoor Environmental Quality (Wednesday June 19th, 2019)
- Minimum indoor air quality performance
- Environmental tobacco smoke control
- Minimum acoustic performance
- Enhanced indoor air quality strategies
- Low emitting materials
- Construction indoor air quality management plan
- Indoor air quality assessment
- Thermal Comfort
- Interior lighting
- Daylight
- Quality views
- Acoustic performance

Seminar 6: LEED Innovation in Design - Recap & Mock Exam (Saturday June 22nd, 2019(
PART I - LEED Innovation in Design
- Innovation in design credits
PART II - Recap & Mock Exam
- Changes in LEED v4
- LEED AP exam recap
- LEED AP mock exam
- Questions & exam tips

CPD Certificates:
An individualized Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certificate will be issued by EcoConsulting for all seminar sessions attended. Certificates of attendance can also contribute to the LEED GA or LEED AP Credentials Maintenance Program (CMP), or to demonstrate eligibility in order to register for the LEED GA exam.

Price per Person:
- Full series of seminars + LEED AP exam preparation (6 sessions): $666*
- Full series of seminars less LEED AP exam preparation (5 sessions): $550*
- Selection of 3 Seminars: $333*
- Per Seminar: $133*
- Student Price: $50** per seminar
* All prices include local VAT at 11%
**A 15% discount is available for collective bookings of 3 or more people
** *Student places are limited and accepted on a first come first served basis upon reception of payment

To book or for more information, please contact EcoConsulting (Lebanon) at 01–971266 or

Places are limited, Register soon!

The EcoConsulting Team

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