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"Les Noces de Zahwa" Theatrical Performance

“O de Rose” boite d’évènementiel, in partnership with the SGBL Bank presents “Les Noces de Zahwa” a theatrical performance created and directed by Lara Kanso, in loving memory of her friend “Zahwa”, who at the age of twenty was victim of a crime of honor.

This theatrical performance aims not only to pay a tribute to this innocent victim and to all abused women but mainly to transcend the tragic destiny of this woman, symbol of all women, through an artistic performance combining various multi-talented artists and art forms.

The Lebanese painter Jean-Marc Nahas will be painting live allowing the spectators to admire his artwork projected on a big screen. Actors will interpret on stage texts and poems: a text written exclusively for this performance by the Lebanese author, poet and editor of the cultural section in As-Safir newspaper, Abbas Beydoun; a text taken from the French author, Marguerite Duras; and versus of poems written by the late Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwich. This theatrical performance is a dialogue between painting, contemporary dance, texts, singing, music and a film projection.

This performance aims to approach Zahwa, who is the symbol of all abused women in our society, through three different facets: Zahwa – the symbol of love and desire; Zahwa – the symbol of Earth abused by mankind; And Zahwa - the symbol of motherhood saddened by the loss of her children during war time.

The performance will close on a positive message: the resurrection of the humankind through Art and Love.

Four performances are scheduled for the public at Monnot Theater from Thursday March 13th till Sunday March 16th.
Tickets are on sale at All Librairie Antoine Branches starting February 27th.
Tickets Prices: 40.000 LL & 30.000 LL

Direction: Lara Kanso
Production: O de Rose
Paintings / Illustration by Jean-Marc Nahas
Leading Actress: Marwa Khalil
Actress & Dancer: Wafaa’ Halaoui
Actors Direction: Maya Zbib
Singer: Dalia Jabbour
Music: Jana Saleh
Choreography: Kazumi Fuchigami
Scenography: Niloufar Afnan
Costumes: Mira Tabet (AMITA)
Lighting: Hagop Derghougassian

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