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Let’s enjoy the summer night by learning Japan's most popular summer dance called “Awa Odori (dance)". Awa dance is originated from Tokushima prefecture in Japan. It is very easy, funky, energetic, but at the same time, well-coordinated and elegant. Our Japanese friend from Tokushima will join us for this special occasion. We will also invite Nobuko Miyazaki as a special guest, who is a passionate flutist and shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute) player from New York City.

There is a famous phrase in Awa dance song "Odoru aho ni miru aho, onaji ahonara odorana son son! (Fools dance and fools watch. If both are fools, then dance, or you’ll lose big!)" So, join us to immerse yourself in the Japanese festive spirit!

Admission is free, open to public. No drinks. Children are also welcomed. Dances are for both males and females.

Admission is free, open to public.

1st floor, Student Housing Tower -برج الصنوبر –
(Mohammad El Hout, Bayrut)


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