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Level 1: Fundamentals - Morning Sessions

Tuesday, January 9, 16, 23, and 30, 2018 FROM
09 : 00 AM to 01 : 00 PM
Nikon School's highly comprehensive courses pack a good deal of value and Fundamentals of Digital Photography - Level 1 will surely keep you satisfied. With many diverse yet relevant topics, we will build strong and significant foundation skills that will help you fall deeply in love with photography:

Session 1

A bit of history
How does your camera work?
Introduction to Digital Photography
Depth of Field
Autofocus v/s Manual Focus
How to Hold a DSLR camera
Other Related topics

Session 2

Quality of light and light temperature
Understanding White Balance
Understanding Histograms
Composition Rules
Creating panoramic pictures and 360 degrees images
Time Lapse Photography
Portrait Photography tips
Landscape Photography tips
Other Related topics

Session 3

How and when to use flash
Understanding Dynamic Range
Understanding HDR
Understanding RAW
Light Painting or Light Graffiti
Other Related topics

Session 4

Post-processing techniques
Photoshop basics
Lightroom basics
Other Related topics


At the end of each Workshop, field trips are organized with the instructor where you can practice the shooting techniques acquired at Nikon School Lebanon.

Regular pricing: USD240
Student pricing: USD190
Cash Coupons: USD180
Private Sessions available on demand.
01 243 555

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