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What is Life Model drawing?
Life model or live model drawing is the practice of drawing the human form through observation of a model that poses for a previously determined time so that artists and amateurs have the opportunity to practice drawing of the human anatomy.
Many participants also take the opportunity to practice other techniques like pastel, watercolor, indian ink, etc.
The sessions take place in the auditorium of the Brazil-Lebanon Cultural Center every Tuesday from 4:30pm until 8pm.
How long do the sessions last?
The sessions last 3 hours and the time is divided in the following manner:
4 poses x 5 minutes
1 pose x 10 minutes
1 pose x 15 minutes
10 minute break
1 pose x 15 minutes
1 pose x 35 minutes
10 minutes break
2 poses x 20 minutes
4 poses x 5 minutes
Choice of models.
Each session will have a volunteer acting as model.
Eventually, professional models will be sporadically hired.
Rules & Restrictions:
-Over 18 years old only.
-No fixative sprays may be used in the building.
-No mobile phones during session.
-Photograph only with the consent of the model and other participants.
-Maintain silence during the session.
Drawing materials.
No material are supplied. Each participant must bring own material like:
-Pencils in different gradations
-Sketch book

Contribution of LL 10,000

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