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Life without Diapers
It has been that way for thousands of years….children grew up naturally, in harmony with nature when all their physiological necessities were responded promptly…naturally.
I am a mother of 2 boys….who grew up with no diapers.
If I haven’t tried it for myself….i wouldn’t believe it is possible to start Elimination Communication with a few hours old baby.
But its done and I am ready to share my experience with those mothers who are looking for natural ways of rising up their children.
For the first time in Lebanon ( and hopefully not for the last time: ) seminar on Elimination Communication.

We will talk about the When, How, Why to start and practice it with your babies, how wearing diapers can influence baby’s health and intellectual development AND how NOT wearing diapers can offer you the gift of getting into a very strong contact with your child.
Mostly it is aimed for pregnant mothers or mother with newborns….bcs I believe that EC should be started the earlier the better. Still, I am convinced mothers with older babies can benefit a lot and start getting rid of diapers in a faster, milder and more efficient way!
Let’s offer our children a healthy infancy and save couple of thousands of dollars for better things!

Place and time will be established closer to the seminar day, depending on the group.

Seminar cost - 65$ per family

For Seminar registration or details pls inbox or call Rada Bond D 71155214

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