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LikeMinded Gathering With Jamil Haddad

Join our LikeMinded Gathering with Jamil Haddad, Founder Colonel Beer.

Jamil is the founder of Colonel Beer, ColonelReef, Gata Gin and Secreterre Vodka.

Wednesday 29 May, we will start at 7:00pm by a round of introductions for all participants, then start an open discussion with Jamil about his experience, and if you have any questions about his journey and current endeavors.

Everyone will have the opportunity to network with all participants and build relationships.

If you are joining, comment with "IN".

If you never attended our LikeMinded Gatherings, this is number 24, we gather with the Entreprenergy Community members in a casual setting, each participant starts with an introduction and then we enjoy an open discussion supporting each others.

03 743 543

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