This event has passed.

LIVE Jazz, Saj, and Love

In celebration of our last sunset before TAFLA turns TWO the best way we know how, with pop and contemporary covers by local & international Jazz musicians, coupled with a Saj and Salad fiesta.

We hope this home will always be shared with the public. We hope that one day we all share the same sky in the same way we have shared this home to date. We want to see you and thank you for a job well done.

Those who have been here know what we mean when we say we couldnt have done it without you. Our behavior thowards this small peace of land is what keeps it alive, alive with people lovingly and considerately taking a well deserved break.

We are proud of you all and feel lucky to have the oportunity to see how hard working you all are. Thank you for turning this space into your escape and thank you for allowing us to take care of it, and you.

We love you and hope to start one more TAFLA year with you and promise to truly give our everything to keep this home ours to share.

71 749 448

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