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LMT Thru-Walk 2019

Put a Spring in your boot!

We are pleased to inform you that the LMTA is organizing its annual Thru-Walk on the LMT between March 29 and April 28, 2019.

This is the 10th consecutive Thru-Walk organized by the LMTA to celebrate the trail and the unique experience it has to offer.

The Thru-Walk is also an opportunity to recharge our body and soul, and to connect with others. It is also a reminder for all of us about the right and responsibility to respect and protect the trail, and to promote a more sustainable development of the mountains.

Departures on March 29, 2019
Team 1 - Stellagama: Jdeidet Marjaayoun, south to Andqet, north
Team 2 - Gecko: Andqet, north to Jdeidet Marjaayoun, south

Options for participation
• Walk sections with any of the teams for any number of days and nights as follows:
- Weekdays: a minimum of 1 night / 1 day
- Weekends: a minimum of 2 nights / 2 days
• Walk the entire trail for 30 days with any of the teams

Maximum participants per day: 18 hikers.

Booking Schedule and Deadlines

• Until February 14, registration is exclusively open for hikers who will walk at least 10 consecutive days
• Between February 15 and February 22 (included), registration is exclusively open for the LMTA members (Active, Supportive or Life Members)
• Deadline for booking and payment: Friday, March 22, 2019

The LMTA team will be happy to provide you with additional information. Feel Free to get in touch by phone +961 5 955 302/3 or by email

We look forward to seeing you soon on the LMT.

The LMTA team.