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All lovers of words, letters and typographic wisdom, join us for a Lettering & Posters Exhibition by Nisrine Sarkis!

The exhibition consists of a limited series of silkscreen posters celebrating time and life.


About the designer:

Nisrine Sarkis is a Beirut based graphic designer who has been strolling in the field for 7 years now, thinking and re-thinking design in a visually cluttered city. She holds a masters in Graphic Design from USEK’s faculty of arts. In 2007, she joined WonderEight, a multidisciplinary design studio that now holds within its premises an art gallery and a workshop space where she gets to experiment with different areas of design.

A designer by day and a letterer by night, Nisrine is driven by her passion for words and semantics. She explores the realm of drawing letters in the hopes of reaching out to people through the power of words. She experiments with different styles in order to give justice to every message she designs.

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