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“ When admiring other people's gardens, don't forget to tend to your own flowers.”
- - Sanober Khan - -

Valentine's season is knocking at the door ! How do you feel about it ??

Do you feel happy and excited to celebrate it with the love of your life ?

Do you feel anxious and stressed out and you don't need this say to express and live your love ?

Is it just a commercial occasion for you ?

If we dig deeper, do you feel annoyed seeing all people celebrating it while you stand alone without getting a single red rose ?

Are you in a relationship and you don't feel fulfilled or satisfied and you just celebrate those occasions with gadgets and expensive dinners ?

Are you single and feeling stuck because you are not finding the right person ?? Do you keep wondering why you are attracting the available partners for a serious relationship ?

Are you afraid of commitment ?

Deeper, do you love yourself enough ? Do you feel you are enough? Are you satistfied when you look at the mirror everyday?

Do you feel you need to go out with a full make up, high heels, fanciest dress in order to feel admired and loved by your partner or by a certain admirer ? Is it difficult for you to go out natural sometimes ??

What are the words you use when you wake up in the morning ? Is your self-talk harsh ? Do you often use a destructive monologue when you feel that you gained weight or not satisfied with the beautiful face reflected in the mirror ?

Does your partner express his/her admiration the way you want? Do you feel frustrated if he/she does not do it or notice the change you did with your look ?

Are you feeling frustrated and in a permanent comparison with the stars you see on TV and the friends photos you browse over the Social Media pages ?

Are you taking care of yourself ? Are you pampering yourself enough ? Do you love yourself ??

Are you asking yourself why am I not attracting the right person yet ? Why do my friends keep posting photos with their partners while I don't have this privilege ?

Why my neighbor, my colleague, my friend's partner pamper her/him better than my partner ?

How can I change all this ??

If you are asking all those questions or some of them, if you feel stuck and unsatisfied and you don't know from where to start to answer or to resolve those questions, know that you are not the only person. Know that even the people you admire on TV, in the movies, in the magazines and on Facebook have also their own struggle ! Know that to get out of this vicious cycle, you need to start by loving and appreciating yourself with all your flaws !

Loving and being loved is not about the 14th of February ! It's not about the biggest red roses bouquet you receive or the fanciest dinner you get !!

Loving yourself is a daily celebration !

On the 13th of February, whether you are single or in a relationship, whether you feel happy or asking for more happiness, whether you are in love or searching for the spicy love, join me to have a self-love workshop where we will discuss all those questions, where you will dig deeper and understand where is the way out of the vicious circle, how you can start loving yourself, how you can start attracting the right and available person and how to allow your partner to love you and to notice you more by noticing yourself first !

We will discuss freely all those issues and you will enjoy a great celebration day by coloring your life through a beautiful meditative activity allowing you to relax, to think, to choose the right colors you need to add to your life.

I will provide you with different coloring drawings like the one attached to the event cover page. All you need to do is relaxing and choosing how to color it beautifully, have it a self-present for this season, put in a beautiful frame and hang it at your place or your office as a daily reminder of self-love !

Date: Feb 13th
Time: 11h30 am till 2h30 pm.
Fees: 20,000 L.L

Feel free to invite your friends and/or your partners.
Feel free to bring your coloring crayons if you like.

Come as you are, in some comfy clothes, without make up to celebrate and enjoy your natural beauty.

Kindly confirm attendance by calling us on 01-353286 or 03-843749 (whatsapp/viber enabled), NO LATER than 24hrs before the event.

If you need to cancel your attendance, let it be 24 hrs before the event please.

Looking forward to a beautiful celebration of self-appreciation and self-love with everyone of you !

Till then stay warm and remember to love your beautiful self every day !

Lots of Love.

Mireillee Hammal
Reiki Master - Access Bars Practitionner
Energy and Chakras Cleansing - Body Image Motivation.
Freelance Writer - Blogger

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