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MAB'AJ Grotto was discovered in 1938. Speleologists walked inside it for several kilometers.

The cave will dazzle you by the magnificence of the colors of its rocks. You will hold your breath while enjoying this scene and when you glance at them from near, you almost wish to touch them in order to believe what your eyes see.

You will be able to fly at Mabaj Grotto on our 300 M Zipline (tyrolienne).

Grotto Entrance fees:
-Kids (4-11yrs): 8,000LBP/ 5.3$
-Adults: 12,000LBP/ 8$

Zipline/ Tyrolienne:
- 300 Meters: 15,000LBP/ 10$


-5,000L.L per person
-5$ , 8$ & 10$ per small, medium & large grills respectively.

Special packages for groups (more than 20 persons).

For booking, kindly call us on 03-610878 or 70-856974.