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"Maison Rose" - “Rose House”

Exhibition by Tom Young

The Rose House is an iconic 19th Century mansion in Ras Beirut, which has been transformed into an exhibition venue by Tom Young, until January 30th 2015. Then it will close for structural repairs and renovation. It is likely that then it will become a private residence of the new owner, Hicham Jaroudi, with one floor possibly becoming an art gallery and museum.

At The Rose House is an exhibition hosted by Tom Young, featuring his paintings, sculptural pieces by Noor Haydar, a short film by Charles Kassatly, lighting design by Tarek Mourad, poetry by Soulafa Soubra and many historical discoveries about the iconic house, including a room of family portraits by a former resident of the house Sami El Khazen.

Watch the short version of Kassatly's film here:

Extract from Beirut Report: "Young hopes to shed light on the 19th century building, which he feared would be destroyed after learning that its long term tenant of 50 years, Fayza El Khazen, had been asked to leave. So he got in touch with the new owners and convinced them to allow an exhibit, featuring musical, theatrical, film events and activities for children, in addition to some 40 of his painted pieces.
Dubbed, “At the Rose House” the exhibit will run from November 19 until the end of December 2014. Tom Young will also be sharing what he has learned about the history of the home during his two month artist residency there, particularly its importance as a cultural meeting place during the 1960s."
Paragraph extracted from the Beirut Report

Exhibition is taking place from the 19th November 2014 and ends on 31 December 2014

The Rose House exhibition reopens for 6 more days on Saturday Jan 24th 11am-7pm, featuring some new paintings and recent historical discoveries. It is closed on Sunday 30th of January 2015

The following week (Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm) will be the last chance to see the house before it closes for structural repair and renovation. The last day is Friday January 30th.

- Tribute Video done by Roger Saouda:

Side events at the exhibition:

- On Thursday 27th of November:
art workshops in the house for children from Home Of Hope orphanage.
Open for visit but not to participate in the workshop.

- On Friday 28th of November:
theatrical performance by Nadine Sures from 8.30pm-9.15pm, followed by eclectic DJ sets by The Beirut Groove Collective's Ernesto Chahoud AKA DJ Spindle and Ribal Rayess AKA Escape From Venus, joined by other musicians including TomBone on the trombone. Open until 10.30pm.

- On Friday 12 December:
Nadine Sures' final performance at The Rose House- 8.30-9.15pm. Not to be missed! Followed by live music by Ribal Rayess, featuring Tombone 9.30-11pm. Suggested donation 10,000 LL

- On Saturday 27 December: Jazz & Blues with Arthur Satyan and friends
Details here: