This event has passed.

There’s a lot one can do with words. At the times of quasi filtered Instagram photos and vivid visuals we tend to forget how beautiful it was to play with sentences, phrases, figurative speech or a whole goddamn dictionary.

Tending to your word weaving urges we have prepared a full on Spoken Word Poetry and Musical night for you on Thursday, July 28, 2016 at L'appartement Beirut in Achrafieh.

7:30 pm Sharp we’ll be taking you on a journey through thoughts and contemplations fueled by poetic verses from the heart of this city. We brought together a group of poets whose poetry is as interesting as their characters, ready to showdown their word wizardry as they perform in front of all of you, friends and family. We have also prepared musical acts that will get your body’s moving to the rhythm automatically!

This event is free of charges (unless anyone presses any after which we really hope not) AND WILL INLCUDE OPEN MIC.
Stay Tuned for the Line up!

Special Thanks to our talented graphic designer Lama El Charif. For more Information Contact: 76 855 313

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