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Mandala Coloring Night by the pool at The Smallville Hotel
Event organized by I Have Learned Academy

Join this fun night at The Smallville Hotel where we will get to know the origins of the Mandala and why they are so relaxing and powerful in an introductory session.

Then choose your Mandala and enjoy coloring in a fun atmosphere near the indoor pool with a great vue at the Glass Poolhouse of the Smallville Hotel!

This event is organized by I Have Learned Academy.

- 10$ for entrance including:
Mandala A4 size on paper
Introductory session about the Mandala History and Benefits
Coloring material to use

If you want to upgrade your Mandala on a Wooden board by Aryan Art Collectors, in bigger sizes, you can get it from there:
- For an extra 10 000 LL - 20x20 cm Mandala on wood
- For an extra 20 000 LL - 40x40 cm Mandala on wood
- For an extra 30 000 LL - 60x60 cm Mandala on wood

Coloring is provided and you can get your favorite coloring material too.

Food & Drinks a la carte.

Booking ahead is a must, places are limited.

You can book online on Ihjoz:

Or offline from Khoury Home or Malik's Bookshop all branches.


For More info contact or 03-376390

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