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  • Every day from 01:00 am until 11:00 pm, Nov 11 2018 to Nov 24 2018
  • Lebanon
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Marathon - Embrace the Femininity

Femininity – is the quality Nr 1 for each woman. We are born with it. But later on…we somehow manage to exchange the Feminity – our greatest treasure, the guarantee of our happiness – for illusionary values imposed by our crazy changing world.
We put our Feminity ( our best friend) aside and instead we put on the mask of independence, emancipation, strength and high intelligence – hoping that this will make us happy, loved and appreciated.
I would like to compare today woman to a flower. There are plenty of beautiful flowers, but the first quality that we appreciate in a flower is its smell. When we say flower – we try to sense the smell. Even if the flower doesn’t look nice but smells amazingly – we will enjoy it for a long time. I think 90% of people would prefer a nice smelling flower that a beautiful one but without any smell.
This is what most women are today – they look nice, but they have very low inner resources, low feminine resources. They don’t have the scent! Do you remember the movie Scent of the Woman .. this is all about it!
This scent transforms a woman into The WOMAN. and the difference is huge between them. The woman might be strong, while THE WOMAN is powerful.
I am starting 2 weeks Marathon – and I invite all women to discover and activate this feminine scent, to activate our Power. To become Loved and Loving, Charming and Sexual in the real sense of these words.
This Marathon of Feminity is equally meant for single and married women. For young ladies is essential to become happy and feminine women before marriage. The Feminine Woman will definitely attract a strong Man who will protect her and take care of her.
For married ladies, becoming more feminine will improve not only your own life but also your relations with husband, children, relatives. By becoming more feminine, your husband automatically will become a better man.
The families where The Woman is happy – are blessed with prosperity and good luck!
WE are the Masters of our lives. Lets take responsibilities for our lives and do all the effort to improve them. I promise you that YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE FOR BETTER, bcs you are a WOMAN!
Lets start this walk together on November 11 and enter the New Year in a much more feminine way and mood.
Couple of words about me:
My name is Rada, and I am a happy, loved and loving Woman and Mother. There was time in my life when I was not feminine, and I was proud of it …. being strong and independent. Until life honored me to look at things differently and I changed most of the things inside and outside. The path wasn’t the easiest but its fruit are the sweetest. For almost 4 years I hold courses for Women, sharing with them simple knowledge of happiness. Year after year I am surrounded by more and more happy women!
About The Marathon – Embracing the Feminity
• Starting day - November 11
• Ending date on FB - November 24 ( I truly hope that in your life this Marathon will never end).
• Daily I will post on the group tasks for the day, which you will have to accomplish during the day
• At the end of the day, you will have to write under the day’s post the results of your work. The tasks will not take you too much time, but still you should be ready to spend some time on doing the tasks. Some tasks would need 15 min, others longer.
• Confidentiality should be respected, so that we all should feel free to open our hearts in communication.
• Any woman can participate, from Lebanon and outside Lebanon.
• The language of communication is English
• Participation fee – 50 000 LL ( 35 $). (the fee is to be sent via OMT inside Lebanon, or any other Express service if outside Lebanon). Receiver’s name RADA BONDARCIUC … or by any other suitable way….if any.

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