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Masirat Watan

Big Gathering: 22 November in Martyrs square at 2:30 pm

Departure Sunday 1 October at 9 am - Martyrs square - touring Lebanon (check the website for the map)

The idea
Massirat Watan is a call to every Lebanese citizen to participate in the building of the State that rises to the idea of the Nation we all aspire to, and It is an initiative carried out by a group of independent citizens, keen on Lebanon and eager to secure its future.

Objectives of the march
- Direct engagement with citizens to encourage them to actively participate and choose alternatives capable of creating a direct positive impact on political participation
- Sound the alarm and take action to protect the upcoming elections and prevent their postponement, by demanding a precise date for the parliamentary elections to be set, in addition to taking all the required actions and necessary decisions for that, before the end of 2017.

The Activity
A march to visit the regions, starting from Martyrs’ Square in Beirut’s on October 1st, 2017, and will go through a symbolically important path along side the border from all 4 sides of Lebanon, and will be back at the starting point in Martyrs’ Square in Beirut on November 22nd, Independence Day.

- The march will cover a distance close to 600km over a period of fifty two (52) days.
- The march will pass through a great number of villages, towns and cities with over forty (40) stops to meet and interact with citizens, organizations and interest groups.
- The March for a Nation encourages the citizens to meet along its path as individuals or in groups to join in the march at the various stages and according to their abilities.

“we walk together to build a nation” . Join us !

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