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"Mastering Presentation Skills" Training

Developing a strategy and structure for a dynamic presentation;
Focusing attention on the key issues and generating audience interest and acceptance of your message;
Making more polished and powerful presentations using voice, tone and body language to maximize impact, persuasion and effectiveness;
Communicating effectively and developing skills of speaking in a variety of situations.

This is an interactive course;
Participants are expected to share their experiences by active participation throughout all parts of this training program
Participants will be divided into appropriate teams for workshops & real cases
A manual will be supplied which will support development of the course by helping participants to structure the main acquired competencies

Course Outline:
Planning and Preparation of Presentations
Defining and outlining the objectives of presentations
Understanding your audience and anticipating audience reaction and planning your response.
Choosing the appropriate visual aids
Creating the right conditions – overcoming barriers
Presenting powerful and impacting beginnings and endings
Managing your presentation time effectively
Developing a structure for your presentation (Introduction, Body of talk, Closing)
Choosing the correct presentation style (Informative, Persuasive, Explanatory)
Keeping it simple, yet effective – less can be more

Self-Awareness and Personal Power
Examining your own image and credibility
Projecting Confidence and Professionalism, presenting your best self
Avoiding common faults
Re-enforcing your strengths and addressing your areas for development

Differentiating Your Presentations and Fine Tuning Your Style
Establishing rapport with the audience – how to maintain the audience’s attention and interest
Presenting with enthusiasm, conviction and commitment to motivate your audience
Using strategic methods to enable the audience to understand and retain your interest and message
Key techniques for handling questions, interruptions and objections

Using communications skills to develop presentations
Understating Requirements of an effective communication
Fine tuning your body language, voice, tone and use of words
Focusing attention on the key issues and generating audience

Benefiting from practical exercises using your own presentation, feedback and analysis
Formulating a personal action plan

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