This event has passed.

Meetup Monday is a casual gathering to sit, code, mingle, ask questions to fellow programmers, get feedback, and have some coffee!

Programming can be a social activity and this is why we are having Meetup Mondays.
Teens Who Code community is a sharing community that collaborates among each other. Take Github for example: A platform where people share their code and get help from the outside community. Their moto says: "Build software better, together"
You don’t need to get stuck on a bug for days, just ask someone!
What’s better than one brain working on a project? Multiple brains helping in speeding up the process of learning, coding and building.

Meetup Mondays are free to attend and be part of. They take place every week on Mondays starting 5 pm at AltCity.

Suggestions, Fun activities, and ideas are always welcome. We love to work on group projects so please share your ideas!

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