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Mental Health for Adults & Kids during the Corona Outbreak
Free Online Interactive Session by I Have Learned Academy

With the Corona outbreak and so many stress factors around us, dealing with our mental health and our loved ones is a must.

In this free session you will learn:
- The Definition of mental health
- What are the numbers in Lebanon?
- What are the most common disorders and the symptoms
- What is suicide? How many commit suicide in Lebanon?
- Effect of mental health on every day life including its financial implication
- Tips on how to deal with mental health in difficult times (financial crisis, corona, etc.)

Trainer's Bio:
Dr. Georges Karam is the chairman of the department of psychiatry and clinical psychology at St. Georges Hospital University Medical Center/Balamand University/St Georges University.
He is double boarded from the USA in adult and geriatric psychiatry.
He is a senior partner at IDRAAC, MIND Clinics and president pf Alzheimer’s Association Lebanon.
He is very active in local and international research projects and the leader of several community projects. He is the author of several articles in scientific journals.

This session is in collaboration with IDRAAC:
IDRAAC is a non-governmental non-profit organization dedicated to mental health and psychosocial support in Beirut, Lebanon. Founded in 1997, it was officially registered on May 14, 2002. However, IDRAAC members have been conducting research since 1982 and have been involved in many national and international studies, targeting different segments of the population and assessing different types of mental health conditions. IDRAAC is specialized in raising awareness, conducting research on mental health, conducting training programs, psychosocial activities, community services and field interventions targeting all the segments of the society and for the promotion of human rights.
IDRAAC’s mission is to conduct and promote research in mental health, raise public awareness and advocate for mental health as a basic human right while providing care for all age groups (children, adolescents, adults and the elderly).

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