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Mindful Coloring Evening!

As adults, we are often being taken and overwhelmed by the daily fast pace of life, running in all directions: thinking fast, acting fast, working fast, eating fast and when we have our own moments to relax, we spend them scrolling online taken again by the pressure and the fast rhythm of the Social Media.

The results: we are always stressed out, disconnected, unfocused, tensed, living in a hurry, drained out, manifesting emotional and physical pains and/or dis-eases‎.

The solution: What would it take to pause and to start slowing down in life, taking one thing at a time and starting to practice mindfulness by allowing ourselves to be more in the moment, so we can become more relaxed and connected to our body and soul?

​This is really the perfect gift you can offer to yourself by allowing yourself to be, by allowing your inner child to play, and your adult part to relax and to create.

Mindful Coloring Evening is the title of our workshop.

We are going to talk about mindfulness and discuss the positive effects of slowing down and becoming mindful and you will have the chance to sit and color your own Mandala and/or detailed coloring sheet.‎

Choose to book your seat and join us for an amazing workshop that your higher self will thank you for it :)

Date: Friday, 22nd of February 2019
Location: Beit Insan - Hamra
Time:‎ 7 pm - 9.30 pm ( Kindly be there at 6.45 pm)
Energy Exchange: 20$
Facilitator: Mireillee Hammal

Early Birds - If you choose to register before the 15th of Feb, you may get a discount: 25,000 L.L ‎instead of 30,000 L.L
Special price for a group of 2 or more: 20,000 L.L per person instead of 30,000 L.L

Kindly confirm your attendance by the 20th of Feb via message, WhatsApp or a phone call:
Mireillee Hammal: 03 - 125 076

Mireillee's Bio:

My Name is Mireillee Hammal Kassir.
I am a mom for a beautiful Yasmina who's about to turn 3.My career path is about Healing, Coaching and Empowering. I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, a writer and a blogger.
I do one-on-one energy healing sessions. Reiki is a beautiful healing modality that helps balancing energies in the body, relieving emotional and physical pain, enhancing spiritual connection and promoting self-awareness. As I describe it, it's a hug for the soul.
Believing that life is meant to be beautiful, abundant and rewarding in all areas, I facilitate empowering workshops for moms, parents, men,women and children providing them tools to start believing in themselves as creative beings able to shine, to create and to achieve whatever they wish to accomplish in their life journey.
The variety of the workshops I give helps people of all ages re-mapping their life and creating a new belief trusting that it's never too late to follow their dreams, to bring their talents to light, to change, to release and let go of what does not serve their body and their soul anymore.

Mob. 00961 3 125 076

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