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Mood Managers® Workshop with Dr. Bassam Saab

What is Mood Managers?
• A self help tool that can be used life long
• Helps alleviate mood swings
• Allows you to remain in the best possible mood at all times
• Teaches you to be your best in the present moment
• A brilliant way to be at your best at all times regardless of external circumstances

>>> What this workshop offers?
• An easy to learn and easy to use technique
• Understand how a bad mood adversely affects the individual
• The principles of Mood Management
• Enhanced creativity which is a side effect of a good mood
• The Art of Self Observation
• Discover again how it feels to be in a wonderful mood all the time

What are the benefits?
• Attain mental clarity and the insights it generates to be in a good state of mind
• Handling every day minor challenges becomes easy
• Deal with students, co-workers, staff with equanimity
• Harmonious work environment is generated
• Increased and enhanced productivity as a result of well being
• Handle difficult situations easily and calmly
• Remain in a good and balanced mind set much of the time

Who can attend?
Anyone above 18 Years of age

Please Note:
Mood Managers is not a replacement for psychiatric or medical treatment. It is a self-help program based on a sound understanding of the inter-relationship between metaphysics and the sub-conscious mind

The techniques are completely harmless and could complement any therapeutic modality. Patients under advanced psychiatric treatment or the patients who have undergone psychiatric treatment in the pastare advised to seek a professional consultation before enrolling for the program

Date: Wed 13 Dec, 6 - 9pm

$59 if paid by 7 Dec
$77 if paid after 7 Dec

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Harmony center
Hamra st, Estral Bld, 6th floor
T: 01-755667 or 03-938554

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