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Early morning energy provides space for a quiet practice and a more meditative mind. Get high on oxygen and surf on the waves of your thoughts before delving into your inner world to experience the joy of Being. Through Pranayama work (control of the life force or breath) and a long meditation session, you will emerge refreshed and ready to face what awaits you with serenity and mindfulness. You will be amazed as you watch yourself carrying a steady stillness into the very heart of your busy schedule. Might very possibly turn out to be the best moment in your day.

Caters to all levels. Duration: 60 min

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Lougal started practicing Yoga with a student of the great yoga and Tantra teacher André Van Lysebeth. His dedication to this practice led him to leave his job as a financial consultant and become a full time Yoga Teacher. He has attended workshops all over the world and completed five yoga teacher trainings, including Sarah Powers Yin/Yang Yoga Teacher training. He is greatly influenced by Tantric philosophy and is a senior student of Swami Anandakapila Saraswati, who initiated him in Tantra and Kundalini Kriya Yoga. Lougal focuses on awareness and internal work during the performance of asanas and clearly outlines the difference between Hatha Yoga and other forms of exercise. Meditation and pranayama are emphasized within his classes.