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Music & Instruments Basics Workshop
at S17 powered by I Have Learned Academy

Special Fete de la Musique
(Free Event but Registration is a must)

Music & Instruments Basics outline

- Know your music
What is music
A language ?
What are the building blocks of music
How to use them

- Know your guitar
Physical Parts

- Know your techniques
Different techniques
Hammer on / Pull off

- Create your own exercises
Warm Up
Technique Exercises

Charles Abou Yakzan studied Software Engineering in UA
He has 10 years of experience in building systems and specialized in Mobile Applications.
Charles started his musical journey when he was 16 years old
He performed in 30 concerts as the Lead Guitar Player of High Treason covering Metal Bands.
As a musical tutor he helped many guitar players start or advance in their Journey

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Free Event but Registration is a must.
Please register only if you are attending as places are limited.

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