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music talks 30 (history of jazz piano تاريخ الجاز بيانو)

hosted by Marc-Ernest D.
(pianist, bachelor in musicology - USEK)

music talks #30
(history of jazz piano)

- early jazz piano/pianists (brief introduction)
- 100 years of jazz piano (pianists, composers)
- techniques vs Harmony
- the jazz piano of the XXIst century

talk will include live demonstrations from different eras of jazz.

parlons musique #30
(histoire du jazz piano)

- début jazz piano / pianistes (brève introduction)
- 100 ans de piano jazz (pianistes, compositeurs)
- techniques vs harmonies
- Le piano jazz du XXIe siècle

démonstration de différentes époques du jazz.

كلام في الموسيقى #٢٩
(تاريخ الجاز بيانو)

-بداية بيانو الجاز / عازفي البيانو (مقدمة موجزة)
- ١٠٠ سنة من البيانو الجاز (عازفي البيانو والملحنين)
- تقنيات vs هارموني
- بيانو الجاز في القرن الواحد والعشرون

يشمل الحديث عروضا حية من عصور مختلفة من موسيقى الجاز.

FEES 3.000 LBP


Marc-Ernest studied at the Lebanese Higher National Conservatory for eight years. He started by learning the piano (classical), but he soon chose the bassoon as his main instrument and pursued it under the guidance of teacher Sebouh Tekian. Marc-Ernest recently also had a chance to perfect his craft by studying piano, music theory, harmony and counterpoint with the late, renowned composer Mr. Boghos Gelalian (1927-2011). In 2013, he completed a BA in Musicology at Holy-Spirit University in Kaslik, Lebanon (USEK). Meanwhile, he is passionate about jazz and other alternative music, which he plays on his primary instrument, the piano. He is a self-taught jazz pianist and also a music teacher. Marc-Ernest has had the chance to perform and introduce his style of playing on many occasions, ranging from solo recitals to band concerts, and even film and theatre music. He is the arranger and pianist of the renowned show Aalam Al Tofnis (2012), which was performed at Metro al Medina in Beirut. Marc-Ernest is the co-founder of bands in different genres, including Osmosis (Soul-Funk, 2008), Marc-Ernest Trio (Jazz-Eclectic 2009), Little Tomatoes (Folk-Jazz 2012), and a session player at Abeyrout studios.



music talks,
a weekly gathering curated by onomatopoeia - the music hub, that aims to simplify access to music information and culture through series of lectures.
music talks foster the development of music knowledge at various levels, covering different genres and topics from classic to modern.
hosted by a professional musician or lecturer, each gathering is topic oriented, presented with proper media, visuals material and instruments.

كلام في الموسيقى،
حلقة اسبوعية من تنظيم الملتقى الموسيقي تهدف الى نشر الثقافة الموسيقية بطريقة مبسطة عبر سلسلة محاضرات.
كلام في الموسيقى يرمي الى تنمية المعرفة الموسيقية لدى الفرد على مختلف المستويات من خلال تغطية مختلف الأنواع والموضوعات، من الكلاسيكية إلى الحديثة.
تنفرد كل حلقة بموضوعها الخاص، يديرها موسيقي أو محاضر محترف، مستعيناً بمواد سمعية و بصرية او حتى آلات موسيقية مناسبة.

Parlons musique !!

Une réunion hebdomadaire organisée par Onomatopée – L’espace musical, qui vise à simplifier l'accès à l'information et la culture musicale à travers une série de conférences.
« Parlons musique » favorise le développement des connaissances musicales sur différents niveaux, couvrant plusieurs genres et thèmes allant du classique au moderne.
Mené par un musicien professionnel de haut calibre ou conférencier, chaque rencontre est un sujet orienté, présenté avec un bon appui de médias, des matériaux de visuels appropriés et d’instruments complémentaires.

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