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  • Tuesday Jul 03 2012 from 09:00 pm until 02:00 am
  • Em Chill
  • Music, Nightlife

"Jasmin Rouge" (Red Jasmin) has been recorded between Paris and Tunis. Kalem first album is a bridge between western and eastern culture throught a hybride hip hop based production tainted with eastern melodies and acoustic instruments giving this particular atmosphere.

It's a story of a revolution, of it's liter beginnings and it's consequences. You'll find the melancolia of childhood in "Marsa Bleue" or the hope of a better futur in "Lampedusa". "Jasmin Rouge" epxress the symbole of a struggle sacrificed with the fire. "Mal de vivre" speaks of the lack of hope for the young generations. Finally, "Journal d'un ex rappeur" tells us about the desillusions of rap unviverse.

We can see here the echo of the different arabic revolution, a need to express, to live and exist wich animate the youth of the world.

With no consensus, "Jasmin Rouge" clame its truths, its loves, but also its fears.


Created in 2006 by Nabil Ghosen, Kalem is spoken words band at the cross road of many styles.
This original quartet is the result of a common wish : find the equilibrium between poetic, rap, spoken words and music.

Poet and rapper who spend his childhood in Tunisia, Nebil Daghsen performed the 1 first spoken words show in France in 2001 at La villette. He's on of the main protagonist in the rise of this culture in france.

Mazyar Zarandar aka Zamo. As a true hip hop and afro-amercian culture lover, he became a talented guitare player and beatmaker which creates this particular atmosphere on the album.

Marc Ramon is a Double Bass and electric bass player graduated from Rennes national Conservatory. Throught his experience and eclectisme he brings a new breath in the band.

As a percussionist, Sébastien Mateo is inloved with the rythme. He has been the pupile of Christian Nicolas and Mamady Keita.

Entrance: 20000 with a drink

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