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This is the First Event for the 2017 Mountains of Lebanon Calendar Launch!
be the first to discover the new photos and layouts of the New Calendars, while you are (re)-discovering this rich Archeological Valley!

This is a (Re)-discovery trip of the rich Archeological Valleh of Nahr Ibrahim, or Adonis.
The first Stop is at Ghinee for the Adonis Stell, and the Byzantine Church,
The second stop is on the Ottoman Bridge crossing the Nahr Ibrahim at Yahchouch
The third Stop is at the Roman temple and surrounding stone tombs and carving at Machnaqa,
the Fourth Stop is at the Historically rich site of Yanouh with the St Georges the Blue temple/Church/Patriarcate!
The Fifth Stop is trying to look for the lost castle of Moinestre!
and the sixth and final Stop is at the Temple and natural site of Afqa.

We will have a shared pic-nic (fast lunch) style between the thrid and fourth stop.

We will spend an average of 30 to 45 min at each stop with some short historical/archeological briefing.

All (Childrens and Adults) are STRONGLY encouraged to draw what they see on material provided to them

Particpation includes Transportation by Mini-Bus & Calendars
40 USD For Mountains of Lebanon's Page Likers (older than a month Likers)
50 USD For non Mountains of Lebanon's Likers

Please Reservation is Mandatory before Friday 28th.
(minimum of 8 participants, maximum of 20)
call; message with ALL details on 76-806986

!!!Be Aware that on SUNDAY the Clock will be changed!!!
we are moving on the New time at 7:30 which is (8:30 on the old time)

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