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National Beach Cleanup Campaign 2019 | Save Our Face

It's time for us as a nation to #SaveOurFace! and avoid having to face-palm each time one of our little 'souvenirs' lands upon our neighbor's shores.

Reclaim Lebanon, reclaim our shores, reclaim our reputation.

Show up on Sunday June 9, anywhere along the coast, and join Lebanon's biggest and most important beach clean up.

Register now on Spread the word about our cause by posting a picture covering your face with your hand and using #SaveOurFace #نظّف_سمعتنا

خلّينا ننضّف سمعتنا ونوصّل صورة أنضف للبنان. لاقونا نهار الأحد ٩ حزيران بأكبر حملة وطنيّة لتنظيف الشواطئ اللبنانيّة من الشمال للجنوب. كلّ المواطنين والجمعيّات مدعيّين للمشاركة. للاشتراك والتسجيل زوروا موقعنا