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  • Sunday Jun 03 2012 from 09:00 am until 09:00 pm
  • all over Lebanon
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Participate in Lebanon's National Day of Action for Zero Waste on June 3rd 2012 by organizing an action in your area . Hold a banner, clean your park, demonstrate in front of a landfill and get creative. Send us your pictures and start making change!

Waste is a serious problem in Lebanon, and is becoming worse year after year. Wherever we go in Lebanon we see waste polluting our water, land, air, sea, rivers, mountains, forests, cities and villages. The waste problem is costing Lebanese people hundreds of millions of dollars every year. This money is coming right out of your pocket.

Nevertheless, the situation does not have to be so. There is a solution that is starting to be implemented around the World. It is called “Zero Waste”. Zero Waste aims at recycling, composting and benefiting from the waste we produce.

It is the most environmental and economical solution. It will create jobs, reduce imports, improve agriculture, support local industry, save lives, and protect the environment.

That is why IndyACT and the rest of the “Zero Waste coalition” is calling on all the Lebanese politicians to support a ‘Zero Waste’ law in Lebanon, and to reject the incinerators that are planned to be brought to Lebanon.

Incineration is the worst solution to the waste problem. Burning waste will not only produce super toxic fumes that will pollute our air, water and land, but is also the most expensive solution.

We will not be able to do this alone… We need your support… The plan is to hold a National Day of Action for Zero Waste.

The “National Day of Action against Incinerators and for Zero Waste” encourages individuals and institutions to organize actions all over Lebanon covering all governorates and districts to say that the Lebanese refuse incinerators and that they are ready for a sustainable solution based on the “Zero Waste” principle to solve the waste crisis in Lebanon.

This event is organized by IndyACT and the Lebanese Coalition towards Zero Waste, is part of a national campaign to uphold an effective draft law on the management of solid waste in Lebanon and to stop the incinerators project as a solution to this problem.

To register an action or to get more information, please send an e-mail to: or call 01-447192 !

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