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Since 2001, the first Saturday in the month of July (this year July 7), is dedicated to the hearty and green Lebanese dish tabbouleh.

Tabbouleh is a widely recognised as a traditionally Lebanese dish adopted by a number of gastronomes in the world.
The colourful dish green, white and red mirror the Lebanese flag. Like the Lebanese nation, its delicate harmony is threatened anytime that one of its components is separated or even neglected.
In 2007, the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism granted its approval and its patronage officially for National Tabbouleh Day.
This artistic, cultural, gastronomic and touristy feast presents an opportunity to show and reinforce their attachment to Lebanon. For the fourth year in a row, a big public gathering is organised by Souk el Tayeb where cooks, producers or visitors will compete at 11 am for the best tabbouleh.

The National Tabbouleh Day (
In April 2001, the Lebanese artist Ricardo Mbarkho decided that the first Saturday of July would be the National Tabbouleh Day. He spread the news by email, and thousands of Lebanese created a snowball effect, followed by the press, media and the patronage of the ministry of tourism since 2007. The National Tabbouleh Day is henceforth an official celebration for all the Lebanese.

Join us on Saturday July 7th at souk EL Tayeb, Beirut Waterfront to celebrate the National Tabbouleh Day 2012... Celebrate and Participate in the Best Tabbouleh Competition...