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  • Every Monday to Friday from 12:00 pm until 07:00 pm, Sep 25 2014 to Oct 24 2014
  • Every Saturday from 02:00 pm until 05:00 pm, Sep 25 2014 to Oct 24 2014
  • Art Factum Gallery, Rehban Street, Medawar District, Quarantina, Beirut, Lebanon, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Exhibitions, Arts & Culture

The alchemist was walking towards his laboratory. Meanwhile, his mind was pondering about the four usual elements that will be in there, waiting on the table. Everyday for many years, after having worked with them for long hours at an end, he would lock the door and leave, without having found the fifth element.
With time, all this soaking and synthesis of all the materials, matters and elements he works with has gotten his laboratory to acquire a particular smell. At times, even when he was out, he would recognize this familiar smell, which was probably kept in his mind, or was coming out from the laboratory of some other alchemist, somewhere in the neighbourhood. Even the objects going out of his laboratory had that smell. It was everywhere.
Little did the alchemist know that this scent which seemed to have filled up his life was none other than the fifth element he had been trying to produce for so long. Little did he know that, every working day, he had been releasing the smell, this fifth element, his lifelong goal, in order to start over with his odious task of searching for it.

— Dario Alvarez Basso 2014

Like the alchemist, Dario Álvarez Basso works tirelessly with his colors
to come up with his organic yet abstract paintings. Characterized by their vibrant colors and incredibly visible textures, his works resemble alien terrains, microscopic features, lands, mountains, and valleys from other dimensions. Like the alchemist whose sole occupation is to find the coveted elixir of life, or to turn metals into gold, Dario’s imagination allows him to experiment with his hands and his paints in order to come up with a spectrum of works that do not resemble any worldly item, yet the viewer seems to yearn towards it, its shapes, its textures; it all seems quite novel yet intimately familiar. In a way, Dario is on a journey to establish his own ‘fifth element’ through his paintings.

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