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Natural Facial Cream - Workshop

Batoul Hakim, the founder of Savvy Element, a young woman chemist from Lebanon has founded her own company, trying to convert people to a sustainable living through her products. Her products are zero-waste and eco-friendly. Info:

During the workshop "making your own facial cream" Batoul will start with a quick highlight on women in science throughout history. She will also talk about sustainable consumerism and what a green product which will provide attendees with the knowledge to make an informed sustainable product selection. And she will shed the light on chemophobia – the fear of chemicals.

Participants will take home their cream.

Savvy Element also will provide with a stand during the event "Women in the Spotlight". The workshop will take 1,5 hours.

Price: 20.000LL

Please register beforehand because places are limited!
DM or call on 01448844 (from 11-18h)
or 03972671 for calls or WhatsApp

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