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This exercise will help you feel more connected to nature and the environment, and feel more grounded, and understand what you emotionally need at this moment.
I’m Nouhade Karam and I do art therapy with people and make art for myself.
I have been helping people through art therapy for years and I am sharing this with you and invite you to do some self art therapy.
Art therapy is the combination of traditional talk therapy combined with a creative process. Art is a great way to explore feelings that may be hard to talk about.
It can also help calm the nervous system, by stimulating relaxation and stress reduction. Art therapy can increase self-regulation (the ability to manage one’s behavior inappropriate manners) and help build emotional language and positive coping skills.
It can also increase self-esteem, assist in coping with life transitions and increase self-awareness and discovery.
it is also useful for treating many mental health diagnoses and developmental delays
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