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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Certified by Dr. Richard Bandler (co- creator of NLP) training by CLAIRE AWADA Ph.D
✨Resolve internal conflicts; ✨Remove Unnecessary Fears & Phobias; ✨Increase your inter-personal communication skills; ✨Utilize Motivation Strategies & Decision; ✨Develop Meaningful goals & Clear strategies for attainment; ✨Learn non-verbal Cues & Language patterns; ✨Master your mind & Emotional states, ✨Change your limiting Beliefs ; ✨We will teach you how to re-train your mind; ✨Own a New Way of thinking 💫

The Training will be held in Zalka, Beirut , Lebanon on :
June 11,13,18,20,24| Time : 3pm to 10pm
For more details please contact the agent @olga.ibrahim.1 on +961 71 10 19 14