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New Approaches to Media, Journalism, and Storytelling Workshop

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This course is open to people wanting to get a better understanding of stereotypes and power dynamics in the context of journalism and media, and find ways to do more just and equitable reporting and writing. During the two days of the course, participants will get the opportunity to locate and understand stereotypes and power dynamics, reflect on their own perspectives and positions of privilege and/or oppression, look critically at media production, and, through workshops on pitching and creative writing, explore new ways of writing and telling stories. Participants will also get the chance to explore and practice creative non-fiction and creative writing as well as pitching and storytelling.

The course will take place during two sessions and tackle the following topics:
• Why rethink how we do journalism?
• Stereotypes and how to avoid single stories.
• Journalistic perspectives.
• Power dynamics and the media.
• Creative writing.
• Pitching and storytelling

Course prerequisites: This course is open and accessible to anyone, and is specifically relevant for journalists, people working in NGOs, persons working in media, writers, film makers, bloggers, social media influencers and people who make podcasts and radio shows. No pre-requisites.

About the instructors:
Jenny Gustafsson: Jenny is a journalist/writer and political scientist who has been in Lebanon since 2009 and reported from many parts of the world, in particular the Middle East and South Asia. Her work often focuses on migration and development issues, and has been featured in outlets including The Guardian, Foreign Policy, and Al Jazeera. She is one of the co-founders of Mashallah News, an online magazine on culture and society in Middle Eastern cities and has been co-editing the platform since it was founded in 2010.

Ibrahim Nehme: Ibrahim is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Outpost magazine. His work in exploring the possibilities of journalism and storytelling has been of international success, with The Outpost being referred to as ‘a successor to the Economist’ by The Guardian and harvesting top awards in print, journalism and cultural action. He founded Radio Mansion, a community radio experiment that was launched in Beirut in June 2018. He is also the founding creative director of ‘a Dance Mag’, a global dance publication based in Beirut. He is interested in building storytelling platforms that challenge mainstream cultural discourses and create space for alternative narratives to break through. Ibrahim has over 12 years of writing, editing and journalistic experience. He occasionally gives talks on how creative storytelling can lead to social transformation.

Angela Saade: Angela is a co-founder of Jibal and the French NGO Tabadol, both working on how to build intercultural and diverse societies with equity and social justice at the centre. She has developed several projects including trainings for youth, teachers and journalists on topics related to stereotypes, power dynamics and migration. Throughout her ten years of working on these topics, she has developed hands-on experience which has enabled her to build strong knowledge and approaches for training and reflecting. Angela has also worked as a technical advisor for the Lebanese NGO Mouvement Social’s youth program. She holds a master’s degree in applied anthropology and engineering.

2-days workshop fee: 200,000LL (standard fee)
160,000 LL (reduced fee), solidarity rate: pay what you can above standard rate

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Location: Mansion, Zuqaq el Blat, Beirut (available on Google Maps)

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