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  • Sunday Jan 13 2019 from 07:30 am until 06:00 pm
  • Chouwen, Lebanon
  • Sports & Outdoor

NEW TRAIL Hiking Chouwen with Lebanon Outdoor Activities
January 13th, 2019

Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve is a nature reserve located in the Keserwan District of Lebanon, on the shoulders of the western slopes of Mount Lebanon overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to the West. It covers an area of 6500 hectares, at an altitude ranging between 350 meters in the North-West and 1,700 meters to the South-East

Chouwen is located in Kesserwein District, near Nahr Ibrahim.

The hike will consist of discovering the splendid wild nature of Jannet Chouwen valley and river, in Ftouh Keserwan, 40 Km away from beirut on an altitude of 600 m above level sea.

Jannet Chouwen, is one of the most picturesque places in Jbeil Caza. The stream that runs down from the mountain, flows in "Nahr-lbrahim" known as the river of the god Adonis, (river of immortal love). In Jannet Chouwen, you will experience the pleasure of hiking in the majestic nature, mixed forests with oak, pine and many other plant species, until we reach its marvelous lake known as Jannet Chouwen. There, you may relax by the lake and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

Trail Details:
Distance: ~8km
Level of the Trail: Moderate
Altitude: ~700m

• 45,000 LL per person (reserve entrance fee included)
• 40,000 LL groups of 5
• Half price for kids

What you will get:
• Entrance to the reserve
• Guides
• Special local breakfast
• Water
• Snacks
• Photos

NB. Insurance is excluded

Things you may need:
• Sunscreen
• Hiking or running shoes
• Small backpack
• Small first aid kit (optional)q
• Hiking stick (optional)
• Your motivation! 🤗

What to wear:
• Hiking pants (better than shorts)
• Hiking or Running shoes
• Jacket (waterproof optional)
• Hiking hat

Meeting points:

Meeting 1: 7:45am
Dbayeh - AGBU Demirjian Center

Meeting 2: 8:20am
Jbeil - Wooden Bakery

For reservation: 03-599579


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