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Oil and Gas in Eastern Mediterranean region recent discoveries have the potential to transform the economy of three neighbouring countries namely Lebanon, Israel and Cyprus. Our Country is in the early stages of building and Oil and Gas sector and still far from drilling the first exploration wells, hence Lebanon is unable to estimate how much oil and gas this country might have, however official studies proved that trillions of cubic feet of gas is the wealth our sea water hide.

With no border agreement so far with Israel, and with the political deadlock of our country preventing the government of launching its first offshore oil and gas licensing round our rights as future oil-producing country are not respected or are ill-managed.
We have to defend our rights to benefit from the economic expansion bound to the production of Oil & Gas which will allow us mainly to create hundreds of employments. In order to protect our rights the Lebanese Government created the Lebanon Petroleum Administration. To the same endeavor “Front Page Communication” in collaboration with "Forum for National Dialogue" organized two Forums on Oil and Gas and a series of conferences in the universities to enlighten our academic youth on this important economical and political topic.

The second Oil and Gas event for 2016 will be held at Haigazian University on “How to ensure the highest R.O.I. through Good governance ?” on April 7, 2016.

- Dr. Paul Haidostian - "Haigazian University Welcome Note"
- H.E. Mr. Arthur Nazarian - "Opening Note"
- Dr. Fadi Asrawi - "Faculty of Business Welcome Note"
- M.P. Mr. Ghassan Moukheiber - "Governance of the sector and corruption prevention mechanisms".
- Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi - "Advocate of Good Governance".
- Mr. Wissam Zahabi - "الحوكمة و الشفافية في قطاع النفط و الغاز في لبنان".
- Mrs. Nada Abdel Sater Abou Samra - "Return for whom? Investment and Transparency".
- Dr. Samih Azar - "Oil as an Investment Asset".
Moderator: Dr. Fadi Asrawi